Release Your Inner Chef

If you've outgrown your current grill and are looking to try new outdoor cooking methods and improve your culinary skills you've come to the right place. A Primo Ceramic Grill makes you a better outdoor chef with the superiority of ceramics, more cooking versatility, and the infusion of better flavor to foods.

The Superiority of Ceramics

The shell and internal components of a Primo Ceramic Grill act like an insulator, holding in the heat and natural moisture of foods. It creates food that is incredibly juicy. Metal grills radiate a great amount of heat, and pull the moisture out away from food. Primo Grills also reduces the chance of a burn injury, because the exterior is at a much lower temperature than metal grills.


More an Outdoor Kitchen Than a Grill

While we call them a grill, a Primo Grill is really a multi-purpose outdoor cooker that functions a grill, an oven, and a smoker with a simple adjustment of the air flow and rack system accessories.

An added feature is Primo's Patented Oval Shape that allows you to grill thick sizzling steaks, while roasting farm fresh asparagus; all at the same time. Timing is everything when it comes to cooking a great meal. Primo allows you to have everything ready at the same time.


inner-chef-lumpcoalOrganic Flavor

Our 100% natural lump charcoal is made from whole stock hardwood and it gives food a natural wood fire flavor; just like cooking over a camp fire. It burns cleaner, hotter, and longer than gas or briquette charcoal. Gas and briquettes can't hold a candle to the natural flavor and cooking superiority of 100% natural lump charcoal.


The Possibilities are Endless

Any recipe can be prepared on a Primo Ceramic Grill. Grill mouthwatering hamburgers, bake authentic wood-fired pizza, or smoke tender fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs. Many Primo owners enjoy exploring the possibilities of recipes not generally associated with outdoor cooking like smoked cheese, pies, lasagna, and stir-fry vegetables.