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The Primo Kamado is our traditional 18.5” round Kamado style ceramic grill. Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food. Perfect as a primary grill or as a complement to your existing gas grill or smoker. Primo Ceramic Grills are the ONLY ceramic grills made in the USA.

The fully-assembled grill features premium grade ceramics, powder coated hardware, a cast iron top vent, an easy-to-read thermometer, porcelain coated cooking grate and a stainless steel draft door. Every Primo is built for years of use and enjoyment.

What Comes in the Box?
Includes: grill, cradle, side shelves, ash tool and grate lifter.


Grill Weight 240 lbs. 108.86kg
Cooking Area 280 sq in. 1,739cm2
Cooking Grid 18.5” dia. 47cm dia.
Temperature Range 150°—850°F+ 66°C—454°C+

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Primo Kamado Features


Premium Grade Ceramics

Primo ceramics are an excellent insulator, allowing you to cook slow and low or hot and fast.


Easy-to-Read Thermometer

Our large oval thermometer is accurate and easy to read from a distance.


Heat-Resistant Gaskets

Our Nomex-based gasket is designed to handle the heat. They also last longer than a felt gasket.


Porcelain Coated Grates

Porcelain coated grates will not rust and are resistant to food sticking to the surface.


Durable Side Shelves

Plenty of room to set heavy platters and other utensils.


Fold-Down Side Shelves

Conveniently fold shelves downward for storage or transport.


Powder Coated Hardware

Scratch and rust resistant with superior weather durability.


Locking Front Casters

Convenient locking casters prevent movement, yet allow for easy movement when unlocked.