"I Am Primo" Story Contest

There’s nothing like a great story and every Primo owner has their own story about their love of outdoor cooking and why they chose a Primo as their grill of choice. Now you have the opportunity to tell your story to the world… and have a chance to win some great prizes! Just fill out the form below and attach a photo of yourself with your Primo Ceramic Grill. *This contest is for existing Primo Grill owners only.

Official Rules

Grand Prize: Oval XL, Cart, Heat Deflectors with Racks, Grill Cover and Ash Tool
First Place: Primo Oval Large, Cart, Heat Deflectors with Racks, Grill Cover and Ash Tool
Second Place: Kamado All-in-One, Heat Deflector and Grill Cover
Grand Prize through Tenth Place: Primo Apparel Pack

Contest begins May 1, 2014 and ends December 31, 2014

Tips for Submitting a Great Story and Photo
How to Tell a Great Story:

  • Keep it Interesting and Concise. Keep your story to 100-300 words.
  • Include Background. Detail your background of outdoor cooking (e.g., cooking methods, grill or 
 smokers used, favorite foods you liked to cook, how often you cooked, seasonal or year-round, etc.).
  • Pre Primo. Tell us how you became aware of ceramic grills and why you chose Primo.
  • Post Primo. Describe what you love about your Primo and what surprised you about your grill.
  • Answer a Question. What would you say to someone who is considering a ceramic grill?
  • Take your Time. Good writing takes time and have at least one other person proof read it for you.

How to Take a Great Photo:

  • Use a Good Camera. Set your digital camera to the highest quality setting and do not use a cell phone.
  • Size and Format. Submit photos up to 10MB in size in JPEG, JPG, or TIFF formats.
  • Be Creative. The best photos have interesting locations, camera angles and secondary subjects.
  • Fill the Frame with the Subject Matter. Close up or near close up photos have more impact.
  • Use the Best Light of the Day. Photograph in the morning or afternoon to avoid hard shadows.
  • Choose a Plain Background. Choose a plain background or take it out of focus. Avoid items that 
 distract from the central subjects.
  • Photo Must Include you and your Primo. You and your Primo are the main subjects. It can be primarily 
a photo of you with your Primo Grill in the background.
  • Take Several Photos. More photos means more choices, so you can submit up to three of your best 
 and most interesting photos.

Photos must be high resolution (set your digital camera to the highest quality setting) and may be up to a maximum of 10MB.