I just purchased the Oval XL 400 with the 2 piece island top cart.
The food I’ve cooked this weekend was great!
- Craven, Arkansas USA

I am one of the happy Primo XL owner and super service from your dealer in Denmark. I use my primos for catering and competitions across Europe as well as homecooking.
- Morten, Central Jutland Denmark

I watched all of the videos at Primo University. They gave me exactly what I needed to help make a purchase decision. Nicely done.
- Brian, Illinois USA

I love the grill. So far I’ve made steaks and smoked some baby back ribs and a turkey breast with great success. I’m thrilled with the purchase.
- Andy, Illinois USA

I am really happy with my Primo Oval Junior - this is a really great cooking machine.
- Gerhard, Vienna Austria

My family and I love your grill.
- David, Mississippi USA

Thanks again. I really appreciate your attention to this. Good service is difficult to find these days and you have restored my faith that it is not a lost art.
- Daniel, Indiana USA

I purchased my Primo XL about one year ago. I love it - it has far exceeded my expectations.
- Steven, Illinois USA

Your product is great, I enjoy using it almost daily.
- Alex, Quebec Canada

Wow!!! Love the fast response. I grew up in a restaurant, so customer service means much to me.
- Patrick, Minnesota USA

Thank you for the quick response! I currently have one Primo XL and I love it - best grill ever. I want to order this configuration to give me two Primos and my son will get my old XL.
- Dave, District of Columbia USA

I bought my husband an XL Primo smoker in 2009. We use it often and absolutely love it.
- Despina, Ontario Canada

Your grills are awesome BTW.
- Scott, Virginia USA

I recently purchased Primo large grill. Have used it twice and love it.
- Norb, Ohio USA

I was able to call and had my question answered right away. I can’t wait to use my new grill!
- Colton, Texas USA

We own a Oval 400 XL. Love, Love Love it!!!
- Dean, Alberta Canada

Keep up the great job, I love my Primo Kamado.
- Glenn, Texas USA

I have a Primo XL and use it regularly. I cook two or three times per week on it and use it regularly in bbq competitions. I regularly smoke boston butts, briskets, and beef roasts and enjoy long cook times.
- Jared, Alabama USA

Thanks for the quick reply. I certainly wasn’t expecting a reply on a Sunday; especially a Sunday on a holiday weekend.
- Darren, Tennessee USA

Thanks again for the amazing customer service.
So thoroughly impressed with Primo products and company!
- Lewis, Georgia USA


We are Primo

My grilling began on a gas grill. But I quickly realized the lack of real flavor had nothing to do with my ability to apply seasoning and everything to do with gas.

So I ditched the gas, bought the cheapest charcoal grill I could find, and fell in love with cooking over wood.

I quickly upgraded to a Brinkmann horizontal grill that I rescued from the rubble of Hurricane Katrina while in Gulfport, MS on a mission trip. Our worksite was soon to be bulldozed so instead of the grill being pushed into the giant pile of debris, the homeowners said I could have it. "Mr. Draper's Grill", as my family fondly referred to it, worked hard for us for many years until the rust was finally too much to overcome.

With the retirement of "Mr. Draper's Grill" came my introduction to Kamado cooking. I purchased a Char-Griller Akorn and my family and I began cooking everything on it. Cooking food in the backyard became what my family and I did together at least four nights a week. We even cooked our entire Thanksgiving dinner on it, pumpkin and pecan pie included! The best part about it was, we were doing it together as a family.

Then last Christmas I received the biggest surprise of my life. We had long since outgrown the Akorn and I really wanted to upgrade. I did my research and knew the oval shape and variety of rack and deflector plate configurations of the Primo Oval XL would take our outdoor cooking to the next level.

I dropped hints here and there but really didn't think my wife was listening. And then Christmas morning, as we were looking in our stockings, I noticed a cutout picture of an Primo Oval XL and that's when my daughters told me to go and look in the driveway. Truly the best Christmas ever!

The versatility of the Oval XL is what makes cooking on it so much fun. Whether we are baking pizzas, cooking nachos, smoking meatloaf or reverse searing steaks. My wife and triplet daughters and I spend more time together because we enjoy cooking on the Primo together. Therefore it's not really "I Am Primo" but more importantly, "We Are Primo."

– C. Sarkowski of South Carolina


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