Your grills are awesome BTW.
- Scott, Virginia USA

We own a Oval 400 XL. Love, Love Love it!!!
- Dean, Alberta Canada

I purchased my Primo XL about one year ago. I love it - it has far exceeded my expectations.
- Steven, Illinois USA

I recently purchased Primo large grill. Have used it twice and love it.
- Norb, Ohio USA

My family and I love your grill.
- David, Mississippi USA

Thanks again. I really appreciate your attention to this. Good service is difficult to find these days and you have restored my faith that it is not a lost art.
- Daniel, Indiana USA

Your product is great, I enjoy using it almost daily.
- Alex, Quebec Canada

I love the grill. So far I’ve made steaks and smoked some baby back ribs and a turkey breast with great success. I’m thrilled with the purchase.
- Andy, Illinois USA

I bought my husband an XL Primo smoker in 2009. We use it often and absolutely love it.
- Despina, Ontario Canada

I have a Primo XL and use it regularly. I cook two or three times per week on it and use it regularly in bbq competitions. I regularly smoke boston butts, briskets, and beef roasts and enjoy long cook times.
- Jared, Alabama USA

Thanks for the quick reply. I certainly wasn’t expecting a reply on a Sunday; especially a Sunday on a holiday weekend.
- Darren, Tennessee USA

Wow!!! Love the fast response. I grew up in a restaurant, so customer service means much to me.
- Patrick, Minnesota USA

Thank you for the quick response! I currently have one Primo XL and I love it - best grill ever. I want to order this configuration to give me two Primos and my son will get my old XL.
- Dave, District of Columbia USA

I am one of the happy Primo XL owner and super service from your dealer in Denmark. I use my primos for catering and competitions across Europe as well as homecooking.
- Morten, Central Jutland Denmark

I watched all of the videos at Primo University. They gave me exactly what I needed to help make a purchase decision. Nicely done.
- Brian, Illinois USA

I was able to call and had my question answered right away. I can’t wait to use my new grill!
- Colton, Texas USA

I am really happy with my Primo Oval Junior - this is a really great cooking machine.
- Gerhard, Vienna Austria

I just purchased the Oval XL 400 with the 2 piece island top cart.
The food I’ve cooked this weekend was great!
- Craven, Arkansas USA

Thanks again for the amazing customer service.
So thoroughly impressed with Primo products and company!
- Lewis, Georgia USA

Keep up the great job, I love my Primo Kamado.
- Glenn, Texas USA


A grill for life

My Primo story started more than a year before my purchase. I did a lot of research before making the commitment to a cooker that I will have for the rest of my life.

The three deciding factors in making the purchase were a quality product, made in the USA and the versatility to do TRUE indirect cooking.

I have had my Primo Oval XL for about three years. It's used year-round and multiple times each week. Due to the Primo's amazing ability to maintain a constant low temperature and do true indirect cooking, I have smoked trout, salmon, pork butt, ribs, bacon and brisket.

When it's time to grill a steak or burger I just crank up the temperature and they turn out perfect every time. Drop the temperature back a little and chicken, bratwurst and sausage retain their juices and cook to perfection. With the use of the heat deflectors and extension racks I can cook meat and vegetables at the same time. Again, amazing versatility.

I had never considered cooking a pizza on my grill until I got my Primo Oval XL. All I can say is it's turns out one of the best tasting pizzas ever.

To anyone considering a Kamado style ceramic grill, a Primo will be the last grill you will ever buy. It is a grill for life. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my Primo story.

– L. Stephens of Kentucky


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