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Primo Oval G 420
The next revolution in gas grilling is here.
Introducing the Primo Oval G 420

Introducing the Primo Oval G 420

The Primo Oval G 420 transcends standard gas grills by integrating a premium grade ceramic shell. Unlike metal gas grills that radiate high amounts of heat and pull the moisture out of food, the ceramic shell of the Primo Oval G 420 acts as an insulator to retain more heat and preserve the natural moisture and oils of the food.

The assembled grill features premium grade ceramics, 304 stainless steel cooking grates, burners, flavor grids, exterior and components. The cart features brushed aluminum handles with a powder coated steel exterior and locking casters. Every Primo is built for years of use and enjoyment.


Grill Head Dimensions 36”W x 12”H x 29”D 91 cm x 30 cm x 74 cm
Grill Head/Cart Dimensions 36”W x 46”H x 29”D 91 cm x 117 cm x 74 cm
Cooking Area 420 sq in 2,710 sq cm
Optional Rack System 195 sq in 1,258 sq cm
Total Cooking Area 615 sq in 3,968 sq cm
BTU-per-hour Input (Main) 21,000 (4) Burners
Temperature Range 220°—650°F+ 104°C—343°C+
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Plus 20-Year Guarantee on the Ceramics


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Primo Oval G 420 Accessories

  • Pizza & Baking Stone

    Baking/Pizza Stone

    Make authentic wood-fired pizza, bake bread, casseroles, and pies. Available in glazed and unglazed models and in two sizes. 16" Glazed for XL 400, LG 300, Kamado (#338), 16" Unglazed for XL 400, LG 300, Kamado, G 420 (#348), 13" Glazed for XL 400, LG 300, JR 200, Kamado, G 420 (#340), 13" Unglazed for XL 400, LG 300, JR 200, Kamado, G 420 (#350).

  • Chicken & Turkey Sitters

    Chicken & Turkey Sitters

    Designed to infuse added flavor and moisture into whole poultry. Add herbs, spices, garlic or onions to water, juices or beer to make "beer can" chicken. Most whole chickens can be roasted at 350°F (175°C)for 60-90 minutes. Chicken Sitter (#336), Turkey Sitter (#337).

  • V-Rack

    "V" Rack

    The "V" Rack is a porcelain-coated dual-purpose rack holds five racks of ribs. Invert the rack to hold large cuts of beef, pork or poultry. Invert the rack as shown here to hold multiple racks of ribs. Compatible with Oval XL 400, Oval LG 300, Kamado, G 420 (#335).

  • Premium Rib Rack

    Rib Rack (5-Slot & 9-Slot)

    Our Porcelain-coated Rib Racks are available in 5-Slot and 9-Slot models. Both racks can be stacked in an XL 400 to cook 14 racks of ribs simultaneously. One rack per box. 5-Slot model compatible with XL 400, LG 300, JR 200, Kamado, G 420 (#342). 9-Slot compatible with XL 400 & G 420 (#341).

  • Deflector Plates

    Primo Heat Deflector Plates

    Converts your grill into an oven, a roaster and a smoker. Use the ceramic Heat Deflector Plates in conjunction with the Heat Deflector Racks for each specific Oval grill model. One set per box. Comes in specific models for Oval XL 400 & G 420 (#324), Oval LG 300 (#326) and Oval JR 200 (#325).

  • G420 Heat Deflector Racks

    Heat Deflector Racks

    Holds the Heat Deflector Plates for indirect cooking and may be used to hold a drip pan in the Primo Oval G 420 Gas Grill. Part model #G400.

  • Extended Racks

    Extension Racks

    Add up to two extension racks to greatly increase your cooking area. One rack adds over 30% more cooking area and two racks adds over 60%. Made of porcelain-coated steel. One per box. Shown with main cooking grates (not included) Comes in specific models for Oval XL 400 & Kamado (#332), Oval LG 300 & Kamado (#315), Oval Jr 200 (#312).

  • Grate Cleaning Bar

    Primo Grate Cleaning Bar

    Designed to last for years with a logo branded wood handle and steel cleaning rod with a rust-resistant coating. The cleaning fork tip easily removes food residue from cooking grate rods and it will not damage porcelain coated grates. With a simple twist, you can also clean the sides of the grate rods. The 23" length keeps a user's hands away from the heat of the charcoal. The Grate Cleaning Bar eliminates the need to replace stainless steel brushes and eliminates the potential health hazard of wire bristles being introduced onto the food (#770).

  • Primo Instant Read Thermometer

    Primo Instant Read Thermometer

    Use the Primo Instant Read Thermometer to accurately measure the internal temperature of your food with a large easy-to-read display and full readings in only 2 to 3 seconds (#359).




    • Displays in °F and °C.
    • Select right or left hand display.
    • Temperature range -40°F to 660°F.
    • Display rotates 180° for easy viewing.
    • Thin probe tip for easy measurement.
    • Backlit display for nighttime viewing.
    • Automatically powers on when probe is opened and shuts off when closed.
    • Pressing the Hold button locks the temperature reading.
    • Calibrate thermometer by inserting probe tip in a known water temperature (ice water 32°F, boiling water 212°F).
    • Low Battery display indicator.
    • 2 AAA batteries included.
  • Remote Digital Thermometer

    Remote Digital Thermometer

    Use the Primo dual-probe Remote Digital Thermometer to accurately measure the internal temperature of your food and the grill temperature simultaneously. An alarm sounds when your target temperature is reached or if the grill falls outside programmed range (#339).

  • Grid and Rack Lifter

    Grate/Rack Lifter

    Easily remove your cooking grate or any of our racks from the grill with the Grate/Rack Lifter. Constructed of chrome-plated steel for years of use. Compatible with all grills (#777).

  • Grill Covers

    Grill Covers

    Protect your grill from the elements with one of our durable grill covers. Custom fitted with an embroidered Primo logo for every grill configuration whether it's in a table, cart or cradle. Comes in specific models for (click for compatibility chart): Jack Daniel's Edition Oval XL 400 & Primo Oval XL 400 , Primo Oval LG 300 , Primo Oval JR 200 , Primo Kamado Round , Primo All-In-One Series , and Built-in Applications for all Primo Oval Grills . Cover Model #424 for Primo Oval G 420C (in cart).

  • Felt Gaskets

    Primo Gasket Replacement Kit

    Heat-resistant gasket kit to replace existing gaskets. Installation instructions included with each kit. One kit will replace the gasket material for the base, dome, and dome neck. Each of the two kits are compatible for two grill models. Comes in specific models for Oval XL 400, Oval LG 300 & Oval G 420 (#177815), Oval JR 200 and Kamado (#177418).

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Primo Oval G 420 Features

  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Grill Head/Cart Ship Together
  • Grill Head Sold Separately for Built-in Applications
  • (2) High Temp. Tube Burners
  • (2) Low Temp. Tube Burners
  • 304 Stainless Cooking Grates
  • 304 Stainless Tube Burners
  • 304 Stainless Flavor Grids
  • (2) Sliding Storage Drawers
  • LP Tank Compartment
  • Fold-Down Side Shelves
  • Smoker Box
  • Full-size Drip Tray
  • Rounded Edges
  • Locking Casters
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit Included (Orifices Only)

g420 sscomponents

304 Stainless Components

g420side shelf

Fold-Down Side Shelves.