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Adjusting the Primo Hinge

Sometimes there is an air gap between the lid and the base of the Primo. It is important to have a proper seal when cooking because controlled air-flow maintains the grills temperature. A good seal also helps you save on charcoal after you shut down the grill because the fire will not burn as long.

You can sometimes fix this issue by replacing the gasket, but other times, you will need to adjust your band to eliminate the air gap.

How to Adjust Band to Eliminate Air Gap

  1. Take a dollar bill, envelope, or something similar and try to insert between the top and bottom gasket to test if you have a gap. If you can easily insert it that means the grill is not sealing.
  2. Remove the two screws off of the back hinge cover using a Philips screwdriver.
  3. With the grill open, use a pipe or your fingers to disengage the springs by moving the springs out of the groove on the hinge. Carefully lower the grill closed as it will be heavy. Important: Do not loosen the band until you have disengaged the springs.
  4. With the grill closed, take a #5 hex and loosen the barrel nut bolt on the top band on the side with the gap. Loosen until there is just a little pressure on the grill.
  5. Take a 2x4 piece of wood or something similar and place in the lid to prop up the grill lid slightly. Do not open it fully.
  6. While applying pressure to the back of the grill, tighten the bolt. Tighten to about 125 in-lbs. of torque.
  7. Open the grill slightly, place the dollar bill in between the base of the lid where the problem area is and close. If the dollar bill meets resistance when pulling it out, you are successful.
  8. With the grill open, reengage springs. With the grill closed, replace the back hinge cover.