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Primo offers a wide variety of accessories so you can ensure your food tastes great!
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XL Charcoal

X-Large Charcoal10+ People

XL Charcoal

X-Large Charcoal JD10+ People

XL Charcoal

Large Charcoal5 - 10 People

XL Charcoal

Junior Charcoal2 - 4 People

XL Charcoal

Round Charcoal2 - 4 People


Primo Plus

Take complete control of your grill anywhere by pairing the Primo Plus with the Primo Grill Life app.

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Instant Read Thermometer

Accurately measure the internal temperature of your food with a large, easy-to-read display and full temperature readings in 2 to 3 seconds.

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Grate Cleaning Bar

Designed to last for years with a logo branded wood handle and steel cleaning rod with a rust-resistant coating.

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Remote Digital Thermometer

Accurately measure the internal temperature of your food and the grill temperature simultaneously with our digital thermometer.

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Grate and Rack Lifter

Easily remove your cooking grates or racks from the grill with the Grate & Rack Lifter. Constructed of chrome-plated steel for years of use.

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Ash Tool

A "must have" tool to easily clean out the ashes from your grill or stir your natural lump charcoal while lit.

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