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David Olson

David Olson @livefirerepublic

The Primo Ceramic Grill is an All-American product, made by All-American hands, right here in the USA, and quite literally melts the competition when put to the test. With its patented oval-shaped design and ultra-premium ceramics, this grill offers the ultimate degree of versatility, and makes for the perfect vessel to both slowly smoked brisket, pork shoulder and beef short ribs to perfection.

Not only does this grill maintain consistent temps for longer, but its capacity to sear over high heat is second to none, whether encrusting tomahawk ribeye steak and whole salmon, or caramelizing honey-garlic chicken wings and apple-bourbon glazed pork chops, this grill can do it all.

Whether smoking, reverse searing, or leveraging accessories like the pizza oven and rotisserie attachment, the XL Primo (and soon to be XXL Primo) is the centerpiece of our family cookouts, backyard entertaining with friends, and grill of choice for our team as we host some of the biggest live fire experiences around the world.

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