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Primo Care and Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

Before lighting your Primo Ceramic grill make sure to check the bands and all hardware on the grill are tight and snug.

Cleaning the Grill

Primo grills are self-cleaning. The interior will blacken, but it does not need to wiped off. To clean the grill and main grate of food residue, heat the grill to 600°F+ for 30 minutes. Heat deflector plates and heat deflector racks can sit on top of the cooking grates for this procedure (Do not leave in the default position). The exterior can be cleaned with soap and water or a household cleaner.

Crazing on Outside of Grill

No. The "crazing" effect on the surface of your grill It is not a cracking or defect in the glaze. It is the natural result of the very high temperatures we use to fire our ceramics, and the gloss black finish for the glaze. Other ceramic grill companies use a dull finish, because it reduces the visibility of crazing and also hides surface blemishes. If you look closely at other ceramic grills you will see some level of crazing. A gloss black finish just makes it stand out more.

Issues with Getting Grill up to Temperature

Heat source, amount of charcoal and airflow are likely one or more of the issues.

Make sure you are using dry and fresh natural lump charcoal. If you live in an area with high humidity or the charcoal has gotten wet it will not perform well. Also, mixing fresh charcoal with other charcoal that has been used in a previous cooking can reduce the temperature.

Solution: Purchase a fresh bag of Primo Natural Lump Charcoal or other premium brand. Also, make sure you are making a mound of lump charcoal that is at least halfway up the height of the firebox. Make sure that ash or small pieces of charcoal are not restricting the airflow of the lower draft door or the bottom of the fire grate located at the base of the firebox. Finally, fully open the draft door top vent for maximum airflow.

Do I need a Grill Cover

Primo grills are made to live outside. Many owners prefer a grill cover to reduce occasional cleaning of the outside, or to protect the surface of their wood grill table from the sun and elements, or for off-season storage.

Replacing Gaskets

A step-by-step guide to replacing the gasket material on your Primo Ceramic Grill. A proper seal will ensures precise temperature control and the most efficient use of your lump charcoal