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Made in America

I'm an American Soldier with the 101st Airborne Division who has a true passion for grilling specialty burgers and smoking Kansas City style BBQ.

While in Afghanistan, I thought I would treat myself to the ultimate grilling machine that could be diverse enough to handle any food item. After weeks of research, I came across Primo.

Being a deployed soldier at the time, the fact that the grill was "Made in America" stuck out to me. After careful consideration, I purchased the Primo Oval XL 400 a few months before I returned home so I could hit the ground running. Now that I am home, I have absolutely zero regrets. I have put this grill through a gauntlet of tests.

Pizza? Better than in Italy (thanks to the Army I've tried it). Pulled pork? Best I've ever had. Ribs? By far the easiest dinner to make. Burgers? I have become a true burger god. This grill has made all of the difference in my cooking results, and I have the great people at Primo to thank for bringing gourmet food to my home.

The temperature control is second to none and that alone is enough justification to own this grill. I am the envy of my neighborhood and everyone around me knows the McGraw's are about to eat something good every time I start my grill. The quality of the craftsmanship that went into making this grill is evident. This grill is the true definition of professionalism, and I would recommend Primo to any person.

– W. McGraw of Kentucky