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Hooked on BBQ

William Horst

After a trip to Austin, Texas, I was immediately "Hooked on BBQ". This passion has led me through backyard grilling, BBQ competitions, and then to social media.

When I first saw the Primo XL, I knew this was going to change my life. Ceramic grills have so many advantages over regular grills, especially in the North East. I have used the Primo XL in 20 degrees below zero. It never skipped a beat. The oval design really gives this grill a huge advantage over any other grill. The Primo gives you multiple levels, multiple heat zones, and if you love using cast iron pans, this extra space makes it so much easier. I have several grills at my house, but when people walk into my backyard they always ask, “what is that oval grill?” My prompt response is always, “this is my Primo XL that was proudly made in the USA.”

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